Biography - synopsis

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The density of this man is exceptional. At school he's specially interested in physics but this did not yet grant him access to University. From his father he gets his first camera at 13 years old. Associated to Jazz music this device will lead him directly to make his fiorst movie, Day of the Fight having taken advantage of his relationships and his reputation in the photography world he belongs to thanks to his job for Look magazine. He will later on become a great movie maker.


His passion for movies of others specially Ingmar Bergman or Max Ophüls leads him to make his first movie at 22 years old, convinced that he wouldn't do worse than some rubbishy film he had the chance to watch. From short films to documentaries he comes back to boxing (Day of the Fight) with the Killer's Kiss (1955) which will be rewarded with a Golden Leopard.

In 1956 he meets his first real initial success: "the Path of Glory" with Kirk Douglas. In 1960, still with Kirk Douglas, he finishes the movie of Anthony Mann "Spartacus" which was rewared with 4 Oscars. From Lolita to Dr. Folamour success keeps coming specially with "2001, Space Odyssey", absolute reference of anticipation movies known to be his master piece for which he gets the only Oscar.

Come then Orange Mechanique, violent and sexual, and Barry Lindon with 4 indirect Oscars (best artistic director, photography, costumes et musical atmosphere); Shining with Jack Nicholson, perfect in his frightening performance. He makes then Full Metal Jacket in 1987 and eventually Eyes Wide Shut in 1998 which he considers being his best movie ever.